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A unique racket in the world because it is built according to your needs.

The first totally customizable racket in the world

You will be able to choose:

- Total weight

- Balancing

- Type of eva

- Spin Power type

- Custom Spin Power graphics

- Personalized Over Grips (n. 10)

Email Dope Rackets you will be contacted by one of our managers who will support you in choosing your DOPE 50 CARATI LIMITED

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It took 2 years of studies and tests to complete this 100% MADE in ITALY carbon "monocoque racket" project.

DOPE Rackets rackets are first of all characterized by their light weight while maintaining the power of both the ball exiting the racket and its absorption when receiving it unchanged.

In their lamination process they use "pre-preg fibre", i.e. a carbon fiber that is previously impregnated with resin. Pre-impregnated fiber sheets are stored in the cold to prevent premature curing. The pre-preg carbon layers are cut to size with a laser plotter with extremely high precision, then laminated inside the mold according to a precise and secret positioning pattern of the pre-preg fiber skins. Subsequently the fibers are polymerized by means of heat (approximately 120°) and vacuum pressure in an autoclave.
The final process of making the racket remains a secret to this day
industrial that DOPE will or may not reserve the right to reveal in the coming years as it is in the patent registration phase.


Shipping to Italy: 9.00 Euro / Shipping to Europe: 15.00 Euro / Shipping to USA/CANADA: 25.00 Euro / Rest of the world: 35.00 Euro