Dope Corporate


Dope Rackets is the revolution in the padel and beach tennis scene, being the first carbon monocoque racket in the world totally made in Italy. We are a team of people passionate about sport, technology and thanks to an intuition derived from the production process of special carbon parts for Italian super cars and sports motorbikes, high-end bike components we have managed to create an innovative process for the production of rackets in carbon monocoque with a lower environmental impact while maintaining the quality of the product unaltered.


Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with high quality rackets, designed to satisfy every type of need, from professional to amateur players. This is possible thanks to the commitment we put daily into the research and development of new technologies and increasingly cutting-edge materials that allow us to offer the most advanced and high-performance racket on the market. All this while always taking into consideration the environmental impact, which is the focus of production for us.


It took 2 years of studies and tests to complete this carbon "monocoque racket" project. DOPE Rackets rackets are first of all characterized by their light weight while maintaining the power of both the ball exiting the racket and its absorption when receiving it unchanged. In their lamination process they use "pre-preg fibre", i.e. a carbon fiber that is previously impregnated with resin. Pre-impregnated fiber sheets are stored in the cold to prevent premature curing. The pre-preg carbon layers are cut to size with a laser plotter with extremely high precision, then laminated inside the mold according to a precise and secret positioning pattern of the pre-preg fiber skins. Subsequently the fibers are polymerized by means of heat (approximately 120°) and vacuum pressure in an autoclave. The final manufacturing process of the racket remains an industrial secret that DOPE may or may not reserve the right to reveal in the coming years as it is in the patent registration phase.

NO PAINT: conscious and ecological choice


There are not many companies producing padel and beach tennis rackets (even very famous brands) that have an eye towards the planet and the working conditions of their employees. One of the most effective ways to be green is to use paint as little as possible. Paints for finishing products can be very toxic to the environment and human health and are difficult to recycle.

DOPE rackets do not need to be painted and as a company we have no intention of doing so. Once the manufacturing process is completed, the rackets are removed from the mold and are ready to be drilled, prepared with grips and placed in the packaging for shipping. This no need to be painted or finished with some type of treatment means that the environmental impact and the danger of intoxication for the operator is significantly limited.